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Welcome to Young Entertainment Productions, LLC (YEP, LLC).

The Member Officer associates and I value your time to visit our website to learn about us and the initial entertainment projects we offer for co-production collaborations for world-wide audiences.

YEP, LLC’s home office is domiciled with its founder and president Ronald Lanier Young in San Antonio, Texas. Relocation to the larger, central market area of Houston, Texas may occur in the fall of 2007. Member Officers reside and work in strategic locations of production interests which include the State of California and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. You will meet these Member Officers in our Organization section. Future Member Officers will be added in other international locations as needed.

Currently, three of our four entertainment projects are scripted as stage musical dramas and each has viable subsequent transition into movie or television presentations. Our other project, “Beyond The Eagle” is written for movie theater presentation. There are a number of other screenplay stories on the production drawing board.

SloganYEP, LLC was formed in 2007 under the State of Delaware corporation laws. The roots of this new organization, however, began in 1957 during the founder’s high school senior year. When Ronald Young was named first place winner among schools’ senior class writers over a three-state area in a weekly news events essay contest, his birth as a writer occurred. In 1964 he became a part-time junior reporter and local entertainment review writer with the Lake Charles American Press under the journalism tutelage of editors Jim Beam and Buddy Threatt. At that time, Young was a liberal arts student at McNeese State College. The next year he would graduate, receiving a lieutenant’s commission in the U.S. Army and subsequently serve as an infantry officer with the 9th Inf. Div. in Vietnam in 1967.

Following military service a variety of professional writing experiences would add depth and challenges to enhance Young’s skill. His jobs included industrial editing, marketing/advertising projects and technical writing for major corporations in the chemical, oil industry service and airplane aerospace defense industries. He also wrote radio commercials in southwest Louisiana.

In 1976 YEP’s founder began writing his novel, “Beyond the Eagle” which was shopped by a well-known New York City literary agency. The story was thought to be too avant-garde by publishers at that time. Disappointed, but undaunted and encouraged by famed writer, Brad Steiger he went on to write his subsequent projects, including his screenplay version of “Beyond the Eagle,” a high-concept story combining multi-Asian with western and space-alien characters. The years-ago vision of founder Young recognizing the marketing advantages using Asian talent characters combined with American / Asian joint productions has recently been noted by Hollywood producers. (Ref: article, “A gathering storm: Asia has Hollywood taking note” in www.nguoi-viet.com/film.)

An innovative and creative writer, Young was first to revise the famous 19th century epic poem of “The Song of Hiawatha” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow into a dramatic stage musical. He is also probably the first journalist of the 20th century who wrote a published article interpreting the alien space visitors’ event of biblical times found in the Book of Ezekiel. The article titled, “Talk of Space Travel Found in Old Testament,” was published September 7, 1964 in the Lake Charles American Press.

It is the mission of YEP, LLC to produce quality stage and film entertainment story projects. We hope to motivate people of all ages throughout the world to aspire to greater values and principles and bring mutual cultural sharing of enhanced global friendships through the entertainment arts. We look forward to doing this in many successful collaborative co-productions with producers, studio companies and independent theater companies. We also aspire to support Foundations helping relieve poverty conditions such as the Global Village Foundation founded by Ms. Le Ly Hayslip, whose inspiring life-story of this Vietnamese lady was brilliantly told by Oliver Stone’s 1994 film, “Heaven and Earth.”

Our watchwords are: Audience, Excellence, and Inspire.

Our primary target audience: Stage, Screen and Television Producers, Directors, Actors, Literary Agencies and Private Investors.

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