Ronald Lanier Young
President / Secretary-Treasurer
Producer - Writer

Ronald Lanier Young, a descendant of noted 19th Century American poet Sidney Lanier, is the founder and president of Young Entertainment Productions, LLC. In founding this company in 2007, he is fulfilling his adult life-long dream to play a significant role in the literary entertainment arts just as his Lanier ancestors did.

Jerome Lanier of Bordeaux fled to England from France in the late 1500s to escape persecution of the Huguenots. Being a talented music composer, he was favored by becoming a principal musician in the royal court of Queen Elizabeth I. He also served the queen as a military advisor. His son, Nicholas born in 1588 continued the Lanier tradition by serving King Charles I as the first marshal of a society of musicians. He also served the king for three years in Venice, Italy as his emissary to collect valuable art and sculpture pieces. Manuscripts of musical works of Nicholas Lanier remain today in the British Museum, the Music School and in the Library of Christ Church, Oxford, and also in the Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge. Subsequent Lanier descendants were Clement and then John, who immigrated to America, where his son, Sampson Lanier was born in 1682. In 1703 Sampson married Elizabeth Washington, an aunt of President George Washington. The Lanier family continued on to include Robert Sampson Lanier, a lawyer in Macon, Georgia who was the father of Georgia's poet laureate and southern confederate patriot soldier, Sidney Lanier (1842-81).

The paternal grandmother of Ronald L. Young was a Lanier. Born in southwest Louisiana in late 1939, Ronald graduated from Lake Charles High School, then McNeese State College in 1965, receiving both his B.A. degree in Fine Arts and officer's commission into the United States Army. In 1967 he received his honorable discharge from active duty following service in the Vietnam War and began a writing career of industrial editing, advertising / marketing and technical writing for major companies in the chemical, oil industry service and airplane aerospace defense industries. In late 1976 he embarked on a journey of creative writing that he still follows. Ronald is a member of the Writers' League of Texas and ASCAP.

In December, 2005 he made a return visit to Vietnam, a country and people that made an indelible, favorable impression on him and gathered research material for a screenplay project of historical, entertaining significance.

Along his life's way, he has enjoyed the opportunities his profession accorded him to meet and talk with famous celebrities such as: film and television stars John Wayne, Chuck Norris, Clu Gulager, Doug McClure, James Drury and Eva La Rue; and Texas U.S. Senator John Tower; and revered martial arts teachers Darrell Craig of Houston, Texas (who instructed him in kendo) and Master Shogo Kuniba of Japan, who formerly served as a body guard to the royal Japanese family and recognized as one of the top-10 martial artists in the world.

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