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Beyond The Eagle
SCREENPLAY - Action / War / Thriller / Science Fiction

Log line:  A wartime American fighter pilot is recruited by his romantic interest and her alien leader to join their fight against a galactic evil adversary’s move to conquer the world.

In 1967 U.S.A.F. fighter pilot, Capt. Dan Shelby completes his advanced combat flight school in New Mexico in preparation for his assignment to join a fighter wing base in Khorat, Thailand.  Just prior to his overseas departure, Shelby and comrade pilot Capt. Skipper Levy take leave time in Houston, Texas, Skipper’s home town. 

Shelby has no idea that his part-Navaho blood heritage is playing an important role in carrying him into a journey of dangerous events involving evil’s plans to usurp the world.  

His bizarre experiences begin upon meeting Melea, a cocktail waitress in a popular Houston country-western night club. 

In one night, Shelby becomes a casualty in the pending galactic war plan, the outcome of which could change the history of the destiny of all nations.  The fighter pilot, however, rejects this initial encounter and invitation to accept Melea’s preposterous allegation of a coming battle between two forces, one good and one evil. He is enroute to another war to support South Vietnam’s struggle.  

The memory of Melea will continue to haunt him until the end of his combat tour in Southeast Asia. Then she miraculously reappears in his life as she predicted stateside.  

Shelby’s journey into a new world of events and transforming personal powers begins in the Nanzen-Ji Temple which shares the site of an ancient, lost Buddhist temple complex in remote mountains in Laos.  Saved from sure death by temple inhabitants having mysterious supernatural powers, of which Melea is one, Shelby’s recruitment to join them is finally secured and he is trained by their leader, Lord Shandor-Ri and his accompanying master teachers.  

Their role is to ready Shelby’s ability to fulfill his destiny, reserved for, but unknown to him, since his childhood roots on a Navaho reservation.  It is, however, no mystery that Shelby and Melea’s mutual attraction grows into a romantic one.  

Shelby becomes the one to face the awesome evil power of the enemy Lucon, Lord of the Void when Melea becomes the captive bait.  Shelby’s journey through war and personal transformation will culminate with this final test of fighting Lucon face to face. The outcome of the battle is Lucon’s retreat and abandonment of plans to conquer for the time being.  The story ends with Shelby’s full-circle return visit to his native reservation home roots in New Mexico for his simple ceremonial offering of thanksgiving.

Samurai Sword

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Young Entertainment Productions
Walking Blind
STAGE PLAY - Musical Drama

Log line: Friends and adversaries in this 1967 music drama set in New Orleans come to terms with themselves and each other two years later following their high school graduation. The rescue plot of the story’s principal female character revolves around a love story triangle.

Synopsis: This rollicking love story of passions and tragic events portrays the theme of nice boy loves girl, but girl is attracted to the bad-boy persona. Most of the story’s young characters struggle to come of age as the plot unfolds. A wide variety of song tempos and moods mix with energetic and passionate choreography to carry the action forward in an interest-holding pace. The theme of young people making their transitions from carefree teenage fantasies into the responsibilities of young adulthood maturity is explored in a serious study. Some of the characters deal with the temptations of the drug culture.

The play is balanced with moments of comedy and humor. Billy Ray exemplifies the common problem of lack of confidence, which causes Bunny to shun and ignore him. He joins the army following high school graduation due to her rejections. When his enlistment is finished two-years later, he returns to town a veteran and a man. His first act is to rescue Bunny who has been on a path of gradual self-destruction under the control of the bad boy. The story ends with happy resolutions following a dramatic climax.

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Young Entertainment Productions

Stage Play - Musical Drama

Log line: This stage musical drama is adapted from America’s greatest poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s (1807-82) native-American epic poem, “Song of Hiawatha.” The musical is impregnated with the playwright’s original songs and dialogue in keeping the tradition of this classic masterpiece of literature, whose story was ahead of its time.

Synopsis: Gitche Manito, the Master of Life foretells the coming of a prophet to teach Native American tribes peace and wisdom. The Great Spirit convenes a great council gathering of all the tribes to tell them that their wars must stop. The promised one is Hiawatha. He is the son born in love and sorrow to Wenonah and Mudjekeewis, a hero who becomes Father of the Winds of Heaven. The legendary story of Hiawatha is an adventure drama filled with actions of supernatural powers, romance and tragedy. Hiawatha’s conflict with his father is followed by his courtship and brief marriage to the beautiful Minnehaha, who dies from winter illness. The prophesied leader, however, must continue to follow his destiny’s path to serve the tribes.

In Hiawatha’s story, Longfellow has woven time-enduring truths that still reflect contemporary cultures throughout the world. The saga of Hiawatha affected the American literary culture in 1855 with the same kind of imagination power that “Star Wars” did in 1977. This classic masterpiece was required reading in American literature courses in high schools in the mid-20th century and was one of the earliest stories published by Classics comic books.

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Young Entertainment Productions

Hank Williams ~ Last Encore
Stage Play - Musical Drama

Log line: The dramatic, exciting and tragic professional and personal life of legendary country music singer Hank Williams is revealed in a two-act presentation that also features his most popular song hits.

Synopsis: This staged personal and musical biography of Hank Williams is limited to a cast of eight players for maximum concentration and focus on understanding his true nature from those who were closest and knew him best. In addition to personal revelations from the singer, insights into the man come from his wife, Audrey; his mother, Lillie and his publisher/manager Fred Rose. Hank’s personal relationships and physical tribulations of addiction to pain-killing drugs are laid-open in the brief life of the singing star. When he died on January 1, 1953, he was nine months shy of his 30th birthday. During his brief writing and performing career his music created the effect of a giant meteor striking the planet. Dialogues representing real people in this drama are fictional renderings from the playwright based on limited research sources on Hank’s life. The roles of the ghosts “narrators” provide historical information on events in the artist’s life.

His last performance tour was in mid-December 1952 in Texas. His health was so bad those close to him feared he would die any day. He performed his last show at Stark’s Skyline Club in Austin, Texas to a maximum audience of 800 people who lined the club’s walls to hear the great singer. He sang his first set for four hours without faltering as sweat poured from his hands to the floor. Then he responded to numerous calls for encores. That show was his final encore. He was utterly exhausted when he finished, remaining true to his art. The play brings back Hank’s gut-wrenching songs such as “Lovesick Blues,” “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” “Why Don’t You Love Me,” “Cold, Cold Heart,” “I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You,” “Take These Chains From My Heart,” and “You Win Again” turn nostalgic knots of memories in every music listener’s heart and psyche. This was the man whose originality, style and distinctive voice rocked the country music world. There will probably never be another country singer equal to or greater than Hank Williams.

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Beyond the Eagle

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