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Chuck Norris is Texas Ranger Walker, everyones favorite Darrel Craig
Eva La Rue, I adore you too Invited to John Wayne Hell Fighters 1968 on location set in Pasadena, Texas with his wife Pilar and young daughter
LT Young at the 9th Inf Div Camp Bearcat 'Hilton Resort' Vietnam LT Young chats with Texas Senator John Tower in Vietnam (1967) visiting 9th Inf Div.jpg
Shakespeare actor Richard Burton on Broadway in 1964 Sensei Darrell Craig (rt) and Japan's Master Kuniba demonstrate blocking arm locks
Tuan Diep & Lely Hayslip Ziyi Zhang-  my favorite female film star

22 September 1966
Letter of Commendation

"On the occasion of your departure from this Command, it affords me great personal pleasure to commend you for a job well done.

The imaginative, thoughtful, and diplomatic manner in which you discharged your duties as Chief of the Community Relations section of the Information Office was a vital factor not only in helping Fort Wolters maintain a high degree of esteem among the surrounding communities but also served to build new ties with the local populace.

You are further to be commended on the manner in which you contributed to furthering the favorable image of the U.S. Army when you acted as Liaison Officer to the Army Pictorial Center, as well as national and regional news media representatives.   Your appearance, bearing and conduct in dealing with these media   representatives was imaginative and resourceful and in keeping with the high standards of the Officer Corps."

CPT William F. Gabella
Information Officer
Department of the Army
Fort Wolters, Texas

"Ron, best of luck with your writing. "

Terri Lea Utley, Miss USA 1982



Beyond the Eagle has possibilities.  The action is quick, and very visual.  The author obviously knows a lot about aircraft.  If the characterization is not subtle, it is not meant to be.  This is a novel of action.  Beyond the Eagle is not boring.  Writing, characterized by an individual style, is clear, workmanlike.

"We are pleased to report that our Homegrown Weekend (featuring music from the Blankenship Band) was a huge success.   We received many calls complimenting the cuts we played off Walking Blind.

Most of the calls came from older adults that we are targeting for.   Surprisingly a lot of women responded by calling and telling us they liked the cuts and would like to hear them again.   The most response came when we played the title trac ( "Walking Blind "); although "Little Sister" also received a lot of favorable calls.   After the weekend was over with we were still receiving many requests for "Walking Blind."   I think it is safe to say that the album has many commercial cuts and will benefit any station that decides to give it a try.   If there is anything I can do for you in the future just give me a call."

Don Rivers, music director
KBIU Bayou 104 FM, Lake Charles, LA

The album "Walking Blind" was produced by Ron Young, Maurice Fontenot and Bill Blankenship
AOM Records (Acadian Oaks Music Publishing Co.), Lake Charles, LA 

"Dear Ron:
First of all, you can write.
That's probably the best assessment a professional writer can bestow upon an unpublished author.

I am basically very pleased with the professionalism of your presentation.
I think your writing and the concept (Beyond the Eagle) has great possibilities.   And you are obviously THE man to write this book and the potential series which could spring from your creative loins.   In short, I was surprised by your work.   Pleasantly surprised.   I used to be inundated with manuscripts from unpublished writers until I simply refused to look at ANYONE's manuscript.   Something about you must have touched me to permit me to make an exception in your case.   Reading your work, I can see why.   You are good.   You should make it."

Beyond the Eagle

"This is a well written, well thought out presentation.   Keep pitching and consider self-publication. "

Ed Silver
The ES Agency
Citrus Heights, CA

"This is rollicking adventure story to say the least.   At the time you were a student of mine, I had no idea you were researching (kendo) to write this story. "

Darrell Craig
Owner / Sensei

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