Production Goals

It is the aim of YEP, LLC to strive for the highest entertainment quality those budgets will allow for the production components of story, acting talent, directing, photography, special effects and editing.   Our overall production quality standards are applicable in all the entertainment presentation media we position ourselves: stage, screen or television.  

YEP, LLC is primarily interested in collaboration co-productions of our projects as well as executive producer contract agreements.

We are currently open to increasing our organization's Member Officers to interested candidates in this and other countries.   Our entertainment goals are global in scope and presentations.   Member Officers are issued Member Ownership Percentage Participating Certificates in Young Entertainment Productions, LLC.   If your participation can help us grow in fulfilling our production goals and mission statement, we are interested in talking with you.

YEP, LLC is interested in film productions in the Far East for its current property, "Beyond The Eagle " and in future film projects for a number of reasons including:   amazing Asian talents, exotic film locations, lower location production costs and fulfilling our goal to enhance cultural integration between the Western and Eastern hemispheres.   President and producer-writer Young has already initiated the research/writing of one of the most amazing Asian stories of the past two centuries to support YEP's cultural exchange goals.

The support and activities of independent film productions in the country of Vietnam, for example, is a ground-floor opportunity for the remainder of the 21st century.   Independent film productions in Vietnam hardly exists Young learned when he met a group of film students and their teacher, Le Dung and artist / animator Pham Quoc Viet in Ho Chi Minh City on December 8, 2005.   The meeting occurred at Quan Van Nghe outdoor restaurant in District 3, a popular hangout for writers, musicians and film students.   Since the reunification of Vietnam, film productions have been monopolized by the country's state television industry.   However, there is a developing body of independents waiting for the opportunity growth climate of independent film making.   Presently, Vietnamese film productions lag considerably behind those of China or Japan.

YEP, LLC hopes to play a future supporting role in promoting the growth of film arts in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and other Pacific Rim countries.   If you are an investor interested in the entertainment arts and our goals, please contact any member officer using our contact us page.








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